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Rose Labyrinth

The Rose Labyrinth is not of several themed gardens within the historic Walled gardens.

Boasting over 75 different varieties of roses - shrub, climbing and rambling roses including Damasks, Albas, Teas and Noisettes, Floribundas and many old fashioned English Roses - the breathtaking array of styles and scents make this rose garden something very special. It is noted for its companion planting of shrubs, perennials and climbers.


The garden features a statue of fair Rosamund, lover of King Henry II and Kingswomen of the Throckmortons, who was allegedly poisoned in the labyrinth at Woodstock by the jealous Queen Eleanor. Rosamund is surrounded Rosa Mundi roses.


This garden was presented with the prestigious award of Garden Excellence by the World Federation of Rose Societies.

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